V3 Cast episode 19 now up!

Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities is the main focus on this episode of V3 Cast. Excellent spooky, horror shorts from some of the best writers and directors in the business. Highlight episodes are The Autopsy and Panos Cosmatos’s, The Viewing. Bizarre nightmares unfold in eight tales of terror in a visually stunning, spine-tingling horror collection curated by Guillermo del Toro. Have you seen Cabinet of Curiosities yet? Check it out now on Nexflix!

In 2002, there were tons of great movies released. The guys in Voyag3r look back at some of their favorites and also some that did not hold up as much. What are some of your favorites?

The show closes out with the guys talking about their most disappointed follow up album to a favorite album. Do you have an album that you had a great anticipation for and it just didn’t live up to your expectations?


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V3 Cast episode 18 now up!

In the new V3 Cast, the guys talk about the late, great Roddy Piper‘s final short film, Portal to Hell. The film features music from Voyag3r as well as signature Roddy Piper comedy and wit. Written by Matt Watts (Kids in the Hall, The Writers’ Block), special effects by Steven Kostanski (Manborg, The Void, Psycho Gorman and Day of the Dead series on SyFy) and directed by Vivieno Caldinelli (Baroness Von Sketch Show, This Hour Has 22 Minutes), this short packs in the horror, comedy and gore! Hear about Voyag3r’s involvement with this iconic short film! Portal to Hell description from IMDB: A crusty and recluse superintendent is thrown into the ultimate fight against evil when a pair of cultists open a portal to the ancient and mystical city of R’lyeh, awakening a slumbering god.

Want some scary movie picks? The guys have you covered! Some older films selection and new, too. What are your favorite horror, Halloween season movies?

Some Voyag3r news includes an announcement that Voyag3r is contributing a horror themed cover song to the companion album to the documentary film, Scored To Death: The Dark Art of Scary Movie Music. A feature-length documentary exploring the craft of creating horror film music, based on the acclaimed Scored to Death book series. The documentary is currently in production and will be shooting through 2023 with an anticipated release in 2024. It will feature interviews with many of horror’s most talented and iconic composers and filmmakers. The size and scope of the film will be determined by the funds raised in this campaign. The Kickstarter for the film is now live. Contribute here.

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V3 Cast episode 17 now up!

The guys return with V3 Cast Episode 17! This time the topics are: the classic Paul WS Anderson sci-fi/horror film Event Horizon (starring Laurence Fishburne, Sam Neill, Kathleen Quinlan, Joely Richardson and more), they give out some Tubi Suggestions, discuss the upcoming Dirk Manning Hope Volume 1: “Mother” Special Edition comic (releases November 30) and the anticipation for Halloween Ends. Halloween Ends releases on October 14, 2022! Check out the trailer here: https://youtu.be/i_mAWKyfj6c

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New York Ninja Sequel Comic Book, Out November 30

new-york-ninja-comic-bookVinegar Syndrome‘s cult hit New York Ninja returns in a magazine-sized Super Special by Ignatz award winner Charles Forsman. This is the sequel to New York Ninja!

New York City- 1984 – Crime is at an all time high. John Liu aka the New York Ninja scours the streets night after night- searching for his wife’s killer. Meanwhile- the villainous Rattail’s new radioactive powers make him deadlier than ever.

Keep a look out on Vinegar Syndrome‘s website and your local comic book shop for this exciting continuation to New York Ninja! TO hear some tracks from Voyag3r’s New York Ninja soundtrack, visit the Audio page.

V3 Cast Episode 16 Now Up!

v3-cast-episode-16-preyIn this episode of V3 Cast, the guys talk about the Predator prequel, Prey, directed by Dan Trachtenberg and starring Amber Midthunder, Dakota Beavers and Dane DiLiegro. Prey broke Hulu’s record for the most streamed film, to date. The guys also talk about the New York Ninja sequel comic book by Charles Forsman that releases on November 30, 2022 as well as the new book by Corey Danna entitled, Sheldon Lettich: From Vietnam To Van Damme, out now. The show closes out with a behind the scenes discussion on the bands first single release, Victory in the Battle Chamber.

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New York Ninja to Premiere in Sweden!

new-york-ninja-swedenSweden! Are you ready for NEW YORK NINJA?! Join us Wed. Aug. 24 at the Bio Roy Theatre in Gothenburg for a one-night screening at 20:45 as part of Den Dåliga Filmklubben! Thank you for welcoming Vinegar Syndrome and Scream Screen to Sweden! Tix at: bioroy.se

Appearing in collaboration with cult American distribution company Vinegar Syndrome . Vinegar Syndrome is on site from 18.45 with a pop-up shop in our foyer.

John is an ordinary guy who works as a sound engineer at a news channel in New York. One day his pregnant wife witnesses a kidnapping which leads to her murder. Desperate, John turns to an overburdened police force but soon realizes he must take matters into his own hands. Dressed as a white ninja, John enters the streets of New York to face robbers, pickpockets, rapists and gang members. In pursuit of John’s version of justice, he soon becomes the target of every criminal in town – including a mysterious villain known as the Plutonium Killer. Will John be the help New York so desperately needs?

New York Ninja was originally filmed by martial arts actor John Liu in 1984 but the project was abandoned and all audio material was lost over time. 35 years later, Vinegar Syndrome decided to start from the camera negatives and complete the film. Restored in 4K, New York Ninja is ready for the big screen after four decades – are you ready for New York Ninja?

‘Vinegar Syndrome has found/created a fantastic cult classic’ – Film Threat
‘As downright goofy as New York Ninja is, it’s the genuine heart of the original production that really makes the whole thing work’ – Screen Anarchy

Director: John Liu Chung-Liang, Kurtis Spieler | Cast: Bill Timoney, Michael Berryman, Vince Murdocco, Matt Mitler, John Liu Chung-Liang, Don Wilson, Adrienne Meltzer, Linnea Quigley, Leon Isaac Kennedy, Cynthia Rothrock, Ginger Lynn Allen, Zihan Zhao | Country: USA (2021) | Age limit: From 15 years.

To hear some of the New York Ninja soundtrack, visit our Audio page.

V3 Cast episode 15 now up!

v3-cast-episode-15V3 Cast episode 15: Voyag3r returns from Motor City Nightmares and shares their experience at the convention as well as thier concert from one of the after parties. They also spotlight the actor Eugene Clack, who played Big Daddy in George A. Romero’s Land of the Dead (2005). They close the show out by sharing their favorite film remakes.

Also, segment favorites like What are you drinking, Voyag3r News and Mail Bag. Tune in and share! On YouTube or wherever you get your podcasts. https://youtu.be/ub2jO8_YtSY

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The Movie Channel Xtra playing New York Ninja

new-york-ninja-the-movie-channel-aug-4NEW YORK NINJA on The Movie Channel Xtra
Rated TVMA • 93 minutes

The peaceful life of average working man, John, is shattered by the brutal murder of his pregnant wife. Disillusioned by the police’s slow response, John takes to the streets as a sword-wielding vigilante hell bent on cleaning up New York City crime and corruption. But as his quest for justice gains notoriety, a mysterious villain known only as the Plutonium Killer sets his sights on the New York ninja. This over-the-top cult classic was recently restored thirty-five years after being abandoned during production.

Voyag3r provided an original score for the film and now you can enjoy John Liu’s only American production , New York Ninja, in the comfort of your own home! New York Ninja plays on Thursday, August 4 at 11:30pm ET/PT on The Movie Channel Xtra. Don’t miss it!

To hear some Voyag3r tracks, including from New York Ninja, visit our Audio page. To get Voyag3r merch, including New York Ninja on CD or Cassette, visit Voyag3rStore.com

Undead Ladies T-Shirt on Sale Now

voyag3r-undead-ladies-t-shirtUndead, our latest t-shirt design, is now available in a ladies style t-shirt. A soft, ring-spun cotton Bella + Canvas ladies t-shirt with the Undead design is now shipping worldwide! Grab yours here and rock your Voyag3r style! This and all other Voyag3r merch is only available at https://voyag3rstore.com

Art by Mr. Black Designs

Voyag3r set to play Motor City Nightmares 2022

motor-city-nightmares-2022Voyag3r returns to Motor City Nightmares 2022 held at the Sheraton Novi , MI July 29-31. This year, one of the featured aspects of the convention is that most of the cast of the original Dawn of the Dead will be in attendance! Ken Foree, Gaylen Ross, Scott Reiniger and Tom Savini. There will be autograph and photo ops with all the cast members. Other guests include Alice Krige (Star Trek First Contact, Sleepwalkers), Daeg Faerch, (Rob Zombie’s Halloween) Melanie Kinnaman (Friday the 13th Part V), John Russo (Night of the Living Dead), Cooper Andrews (The Walking Dead) and much more!

Voyag3r will be at the convention on Friday and Saturday signing and selling their albums and merch and will play a live concert at the Friday Night Afterparty. The afterparty starts at 10:30pm..

Get your tickets to Motor City Nightmares at https://www.motorcitynightmares.com For more Voyag3r concert dates, visit the Concert Dates page.

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