Episode 29 of V3 Cast is now up on all Podcast Platforms as well as the Voyag3r YouTube Channel.

The guys talk about the Spider-Verse films and how their trendsetting style really is making an impact as well as the excellent scores by Daniel Pemberton. The way the animators frame and feature elements on the scenes is so comic book style, it’s AMAZING! Have you seen these films yet? There is a 3rd one in the works, too!


As fans of video games, the guys talk about their favorite Nintendo games, throughout the years. What are your favorites?

There is a lot of Voyag3r news happening, including Movie Theater Massacre getting selected for this years Hell’s Half Mile Film Festival in Bay City, MI, which Voyag3r scored the finale scene (Ticket Info) and Voyag3r has signed on to score the upcoming Sci-Fi/Comedy film, Killer Kabbage. More info on that soon. There is also a big sale going on at the Voyag3rStore! 25% OFF with coupon code: NEWYORKNINJA as well as FREE U.S. Shipping on all orders over $50 and finally, for a limited time, all T-Shirt orders get an additional shirt of the same size, wild card pick on the design. BONUS!!! All happening at voyag3rstore.com

The show closes out with another round of Tubi Picks from the guys. What have you been watching, lately?

Check out Voyag3r’s music on the Audio page!

Movie Theater Massacre selected for Hell’s Half Mile Film Fest

Movie Theater Massacre, a film written and directed by Ian Courtney, has been chosen to play at the 2023 Hell’s Half Mile Film and Music Festival in Bay City, MI, September 21-24.


Film description from HHM hhmfest.com
Jake, Wily, Rachel, Val, & Dan are employees at a movie theater. They enjoy working somewhere where they have the opportunity to discuss their favorite subject: movies. But the building’s owner, Harold, plans to sell off the property since moviegoing is dwindling and doesn’t seem profitable anymore. Then, random people start disappearing, while simultaneously, strange, and unexplainable things begin happening. Will they live to see another movie?

Director/Writer/Cinematographer/Producer: Ian Courtney Cast: Jalen Wilson-Nelem, Adam Defilippi, Caitlin Cavannaugh, LeJon Woods, Jessie Carl

movie-theaer-massacre-screen-shot movie-theaer-massacre-screen-shot

Voyag3r scored the finale scene of the film, with the cue titled, Slaughtered into Space.The track was produced by Steve Greene at the Battle Chamber. Grab your tickets now, to see Movie Theater Massacre on the big screen, at Hell’s Half Mile Film and Music Fest! Ticket link. Check out Voyag3r music on the Audio page.


Voyag3r to score Killer Kabbage

Voyag3r has been tapped to score the upcoming sci-fi / comedy film, Killer Kabbage, produced by Drive-In Cinema Pictures and directed by Jude Reed and Michael A. Dotson. The films tagline from IMDB states. Two warriors, from the future, are tasked to go back in time to prevent the great Kabbage apocalypse from happening in order to save mankind.


Here’s an official statement from the Killer Kabbage Facebook page:

That is a WRAP on principal photography!!!

It’s been quite a journey. Fun, but sometimes stressful as well. A lot of talented people were involved with this passion project, to whom I owe a debt of gratitude. I came up with the concept of “Killer Kabbage” back in 2011, it started off as a short film but I’ve always wanted to revisit the idea with a new story and expand it into a feature. This morning, I sent the workprint to Voyag3r to begin the process of scoring the film, and we are beyond excited to see what these talented people whip up for us!

So, what’s next?

I’m still mixing the sound fx, we still need to do ADR on a few scenes, and a small handful of visual fx scenes are still work in progress. After everything is done and put together, we begin a new journey into the film festival circuit for the next year.

What started off as a fun idea grew into a feature length film with the help of a lot of people that kept one thing in mind: to have fun and make story that will entertain and make people laugh. And we hope we deliver.

– Mike

Voyag3r will be posting shots from the studio, as they record the score to Killer Kabbage, on the Photos page.

V3 Cast Episode 28 Now Up! Interviews with Kevin Keppy and Eugene Clark

V3 Cast Episode 28

Voyag3r have returned from Motor City Nightmares with tales to tell. Outstanding weekend at the 15th year of the Metro Detroit staple Horror Convention. Thank you to Motor City Nightmares, Tommy, Magnus, Dan, Dave all the crew, guests and patrons! We had an amazing time and in the episode, we recap the weekend. Some of the guests included Bruce Campbell, Henry Thomas, Dee Wallace, Sherilyn Fenn, Ted Raimi, Sheryl Lee, Kane Hodder, Bill Moseley and many more!

We were also fortunate enough to interview two outstanding actors at Motor City Nightmares! Creature actor Kevin Keppy, known for his rolls in Smile and two episodes of Cabinet of Curiosities (Graveyard Rats and The Viewing) followed by the great Eugene Clark, known for his role of Big Daddy is George A. Romero’s Land of the Dead (2005). They were extremely generous with their time and answered some questions for us.

Our concert, at the Saturday night after party, was also fantastic and fun filled! Special thanks to the Amino Acids for playing with us. Check out the photos, taken by Sam Greene, via our Facebook page!

We closeout V3 Cast Episode 28 by discussing what we bought at the convention. There is a never ending supply of really cool stuff at Motor City Nightmares and we snagged a few items.


For past episode of V3 Cast, visit the V3 Cast Page. If you watch the Podcast via YouTube, please make sure to subscribe!

How Did This Get Made? Featuring New York Ninja on August 11 at Count Basie Center for the Arts

how-did-this-get-made-new-york-ninjaSuper excited to share that How Did This Get Made? is featuring New York Ninja as part of their summer touring season! Friday, August 11 at the Count Basie Center for the Arts in Red Bank, New Jersey. If you are in the area, get your tickets now! Keep a look out for the podcast version of their viewing of New York Ninja.

Featuring New York Ninja (2021 via 1984)

Get ready to dive into the depths of cinematic absurdity with the podcast that celebrates the best of the worst. How Did This Get Made. Join the dynamic trio of Paul Scheer, Jason Mantzoukas, and June Diane Raphael as they expertly dissect and hilariously roast some of the most mind-boggling movies ever made.

With a combined resume that includes hit shows like The League, Black Monday, Brooklyn 99, Grace & Frankie, and Long Shot, these hosts bring their comedic genius to every episode of How Did This Get Made. Together, with their funniest friends, they subject themselves to a cinematic nightmare, leaving no ridiculous plot twist or cringe-worthy dialogue unturned.

How Did This Get Made? (HDTGM) is a podcast on the Earwolf network. It is hosted by Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael and Jason Mantzoukas with occasional substitutes and/or guest hosts. Each episode features the deconstruction and mockery of outlandish and bad films.

The hosts and guest make jokes about the films as well as attempt to unscramble plots. After discussing the film, Scheer reads “second opinions” in the form of five-star reviews posted online by Amazon.com users. The hosts also often make recommendations on if the film is worth watching. The show is released every two weeks. Listen here!

Check out a track from the New York Ninja soundtrack here! Check out our V3 Cast podcast episode covering New York Ninja here.

V3 Cast Episode 27 Now Up! Interview with Peter Mengede

On this very special V3 Cast, we interview guitarist Peter Mengede, formerly of Helmet and founder of the 90’s super group Handsome! Peter gives us all kinds of great band history, recording Meantime and the Handsome s/t album as well as tour stories, behind the scenes info and some sage wisdom for up and coming musicians. Don’t miss this interesting interview with Peter Mengede. We have to say thank you to Peter Mengede for coming on the podcast and giving so many awesome details about his days in Helmet and the history of Handsome. It was a super fun interview!

Voyag3r News features info about Motor City Nightmares and the Voyag3r afterparty concert on Saturday, July 29 at the Sheraton Novi/Detroit. Get your tickets at Motor City Nightmares. Voyag3r will be selling and signing merch all day on July 29 & 30 at the convention.

The guys also talk about their latest Tubi Picks. What have you been watching lately? Get involved in the conversation my posting on the YouTube video or on the Voyag3r Facebook page.

The show closes out with another edition of Collecting Cool Stuff! This time, Greg shares an awesome gift he recently received for his birthday and fathers day. Do you collect Funko Pops? Are you a Kiss fan?


For all past episodes of V3 Cast or for correspondence, collabs or booking, please visit the V3 Cast page.

Showtime SHOxBET playing New York Ninja

New York Ninja will be playing on Showtime Networks SHOxBET on Tuesday, July 11 at 12:40am. Tune in and enjoy New York Ninja in the comfort of your own home! To purchase the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, visit the Voyag3r Store!



2021 • Rated TVMA • 93 minutes

Streaming Now

The peaceful life of average working man, John, is shattered by the brutal murder of his pregnant wife. Disillusioned by the police’s slow response, John takes to the streets as a sword-wielding vigilante hell bent on cleaning up New York City crime and corruption. But as his quest for justice gains notoriety, a mysterious villain known only as the Plutonium Killer sets his sights on the New York ninja. This over-the-top cult classic was recently restored thirty-five years after being abandoned during production.

Check out an episode of V3 Cast where the guys in Voyag3r talk about New York Ninja, here: https://youtu.be/jRAzPeHRTVI


V3 Cast Episode 26 Now Up!

Voyag3r are back with V3 Cast episode 26!

V3 Cast Episode 26 Now Up! Voyag3r talks about a classic, 1977 Kung-Fu film entitled The Invincible Armour. Starring John Liu and Hwang Jang-Lee. Written by Lu Tung and directed by See-Yuen Ng. An absolute benchmark Kung-Fu film, a must see. There is a reason why John Liu is one of the best kickers in the business.

Fun exercise… name one of your favorite actors and 4 great films they did. The guys list theirs and recall some excellent scenes, as well. What are your picks? Leave a comment on our Twitter or YouTube page.

Voyag3r News:
Brand new Doom Fortress album cover t-shirt in the Voyag3r Store!
doom-fortress-album-art-tshirtThe show closes out with the guys talking about the brand new Godflesh album, Purge. It’s the 3rd album since the bad reunited. See what the guys think about the new releases and if you like Godflesh, let us know what your favorite albums are.v3-cast-collecting-cool-stuff-super7-bruceleeFor all V3 Cast correspond, including collabs, sponsorship or interview requests, please visit the Contact Page.

Movie Theater Massacre finale scene scored by Voyag3r and U.S. Premiere

movie-theater-massacre-one-sheetIndie slasher film Movie Theater Massacre, written and directed by Ian Courtney, premiered at the 2023 Motor City Legacy horror convention as well as having its cast and crew screening at the Redford Theatre. Voyag3r scored the finale scene of the movie that was filmed at the historic Redford Theatre, near Detroit, MI. The film stars Jalen Wilson-Nelem, Adam DeFilippi, Caitlin Cavannaugh, LeJon Woods and Linnea Quigley.

The track is titled Slaughter into Space and was recorded and mixed at the Battle Chamber Studio.

Future festival dates and screenings will be announced soon, so keep a lookout for the film playing in your area.

Movie Theater Massacre Storyline from IMDB. “A group of employees are working their last week at a movie theater that is going out of business when a mysterious figure begins to murder people.” The poster art was illustrated by Graham Humphreys

More photo from the cast and crew screening on our Photos Page.




Voyag3r at Motor City Nightmares 2023

Happy to announce that Voyag3r will be at Motor City Nightmares 2023 on Saturday and Sunday and performing live at the Saturday night After Party. Motor City Nightmares 2023 is celebrating 15 years! July 28, 29 & 30 at the Sheraton Detroit Novi Hotel, located at 21111 Haggerty Rd, Novi, MI 48375

Get your tickets for Motor City Nightmares now! This years guests include: Bruce Campbell, Henry Thomas, Dee Wallace, Ted Raimi, Sherilyn Fenn, Ray Wise, Bill Moseley, Kane Hodder, Barbara Crampton and many more!

Voyag3r will be on site all day Saturday and Sunday signing and selling merchandise. As soon as the show closes on Saturday, the After Party kicks off with costume contests and a live performance by Voyag3r! Don’t miss it!

Purchase Tickets by clicking here.
Preview Voyag3r music here.


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