Movie Theater Massacre finale scene scored by Voyag3r and U.S. Premiere

movie-theater-massacre-one-sheetIndie slasher film Movie Theater Massacre, written and directed by Ian Courtney, premiered at the 2023 Motor City Legacy horror convention as well as having its cast and crew screening at the Redford Theatre. Voyag3r scored the finale scene of the movie that was filmed at the historic Redford Theatre, near Detroit, MI. The film stars Jalen Wilson-Nelem, Adam DeFilippi, Caitlin Cavannaugh, LeJon Woods and Linnea Quigley.

The track is titled Slaughter into Space and was recorded and mixed at the Battle Chamber Studio.

Future festival dates and screenings will be announced soon, so keep a lookout for the film playing in your area.

Movie Theater Massacre Storyline from IMDB. “A group of employees are working their last week at a movie theater that is going out of business when a mysterious figure begins to murder people.” The poster art was illustrated by Graham Humphreys

More photo from the cast and crew screening on our Photos Page.




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