V3 Cast Episode 27 Now Up! Interview with Peter Mengede

On this very special V3 Cast, we interview guitarist Peter Mengede, formerly of Helmet and founder of the 90’s super group Handsome! Peter gives us all kinds of great band history, recording Meantime and the Handsome s/t album as well as tour stories, behind the scenes info and some sage wisdom for up and coming musicians. Don’t miss this interesting interview with Peter Mengede. We have to say thank you to Peter Mengede for coming on the podcast and giving so many awesome details about his days in Helmet and the history of Handsome. It was a super fun interview!

Voyag3r News features info about Motor City Nightmares and the Voyag3r afterparty concert on Saturday, July 29 at the Sheraton Novi/Detroit. Get your tickets at Motor City Nightmares. Voyag3r will be selling and signing merch all day on July 29 & 30 at the convention.

The guys also talk about their latest Tubi Picks. What have you been watching lately? Get involved in the conversation my posting on the YouTube video or on the Voyag3r Facebook page.

The show closes out with another edition of Collecting Cool Stuff! This time, Greg shares an awesome gift he recently received for his birthday and fathers day. Do you collect Funko Pops? Are you a Kiss fan?


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