V3 Cast Episode 24 Now up!

V3 Cast returns with episode 24. The guys talk about some of this favorite song intros as well as catching up on the Dungeons and Dragons film, Super Mario Bros. and Motor City Legacy horror convention. There are also a fresh new round of Tubi picks! What are your top 3 song intros? Also, Dolby Atmos rules!

Voyag3r News Updates:
• The next New York Ninja airing on Showtime is Saturday, April 29 at 12:30am
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• The Scored to Death documentary companion album is now in production. All tracks received and mastered. More info soon!

V3 Cast episode 24 closes out with the guys talking about film they would like to see remade. Normally, the answer would likely be, none… but for the sake of discussion, the guys have their selections. Steve also has a director in mind for his pick.

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