V3 Cast Episode 35 now up! Favorite Films from 1994, Flesh of the Gods and Killer Kabbage news

V3 Cast Episode 35 now up! Where were you in 1994? Do you remember your favorite movies from that year? Hard to believe that was 30 years ago! We discuss our top picks and dive into some of our favorite moments in each film. What are some of your favorite?

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Killer Kabbage – Trailer (2024) – https://youtu.be/ZM_x6EllFdc?si=bgAqHug2hyEdQSDJ
Tagline: Two warriors, from the future, are tasked to go back in time to prevent the great Kabbage apocalypse from happening in order to save mankind.

Panos Cosmatos is working on a new film called Flesh of the Gods. Starring Kristen Stewart and Oscar Issac. Written by Andrew Kevin Walker (“Se7en,” “The Killer”) from a story he devised with Cosmatos.

Tagline: Married couple in 1980s LA leaves luxury life for nightly adventures with enigmatic Nameless and hedonistic group, entering surreal world of excess and violence.


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