411mania.com praises New York Ninja score!

Thank you for the kind words, 411mania.com, on our film score to New York Ninja! 411mania.com praises New York Ninja score!

The soundtrack, performed by the group Voyag3r, is absolute perfection. Chock full of synth heavy themes, it’s the kind of music you would expect to hear in a low budget movie from the 1980’s. The music doesn’t feel like a parody of 1980’s music, which is always a plus (I’ve heard far too many “1980’s inspired synth scores” that sound like a bunch of people fucking around. That kind of thing needs to stop). I wonder if Voyag3r, based on the greatness of its New York Ninja score, will get more movie soundtrack work? Hopefully, they will.

Our score to New York Ninja is available on LP, CD and cassette from our official store, Voyag3rStore.com or all streaming platforms or our audio page. Enjoy!


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