New York Ninja (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Pre-Order is now live!

The time has come to get your copy of New York Ninja (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)! The pre-order is now live for the Compact Disc (CD) or 2 colors of Cassette! Revenger Red or Plutonium Killer Green. There is also a 3-color screen print New York Ninja T-Shirt available. All artwork for New York Ninja (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) was done by Suspiria. Pick up your copies today in the Voyag3r Store!

Products will ship around November 1st. The digital and streaming versions of New York Ninja (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) will be available on Friday, January 7, 2022 via Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Tidal, YouTube, Amazon Music, Pandora, Deezer and more! PRE-ORDER NEW YORK NINJA SOUNDTRACK HERE!

CD Track List:

1. The Ninja
2. Nita’s Murder
3. I Love NY
4. John in Mourning
5. The Plutonium Killer
6. Abductions Continue
7. Kanashimi No Saisho No Takakai
8 I Want Justice / Summoning
9. Training / Shuriken Attack
10. Roller Ninja
11. A Green Glow
12. Did I Miss Anything?
13. That’s Your Car!
14. Battle on the Rooftop
15. Black Lion Means Business
16. Will You Be My Friend?
17. Mask to Mask
18. Protecting The Boss
19. Interview with the Mayor / Kids to the Rescue
20. Dart Of Death / She’s A Cop!
21. Scouting Cufflinks And Crew
22. Rendezvous In The Park
23. I Let Them Take Her
24. I know Who You Are
25. Under the Bridge
26. Duel with Rattail / Detective Williams Captured
27. In Disguise / The Rescue
28. You’re Not Jack!
29. Hangar Fight / Ninja vs Plutonium Killer
30. This Town Needs A Hero



Cassette Track List:

The Ninja
Nitas Murder
I Love NY
John In Mourning
The Plutonium Killer
Abductions Continue
Kanashimi No Saisho No Takakai
Training / Shuriken Attack
Roller Ninja
Battle On The Rooftop
Will You Be My Friend?

Protecting The Boss
Interview With The Mayor / Kids To The Rescue
Dart Of Death / She’s a Cop!
Rendezvous In The Park
I Let Them Take Her
Duel With Rattail / Detective Williams Captured
In Disguise / The Rescue
Hangar Fight / Ninja vs. Plutonium Killer
This Town Needs a Hero


New York Ninja 100% Cotton Gildan T-Shirt

100% cotton, 3-color screen print of The Ninja!
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