Movie Theater Massacre plays at San Diego’s International Mobile Film Festival (IMFF)

Movie Theater Massacre by Ian Courtney with the Apple iPhone 12 Pro. Ian filled every position from writer and producer, to director and cinematographer and finally bringing all the elements together through editing, visual effects and color correction. Ian will be flying in from Detroit, Michigan to present the film and participate in a Q&A.


Voyag3r scored the finale scene for Movie Theater Massacre. Don’t miss your chance to catch this Detroit made film! Get your tickets here.


Illuminating Smartphone Filmmakers in San Diego

Big films aren’t always made with big cameras and large crews!

Something big began right here in San Diego. This year we’re shining a spotlight on some incredible people of all ages who are making movies with smartphone cameras. All brands!

Stories from around the world told through different genres, all shot with mobile phones, are visiting San Diego April 26-28. You have a chance to watch them and meet the filmmakers.

Horror, documentaries, drama, comedy, experimental, music, and more. There is no limit to the types of films one can make with a smartphone. We’re celebrating the humans behind them in San Diego’s International Mobile Film Festival (IMFF).

IMFF is the first international in-person film festival for only movies shot with mobile phone cameras, no other mobile devices. The only exception is a fraction of aerial drone footage, announced in 2018.

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