Killer Kabbage (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) is out now on Digital, CD and Cassette

voyag3r-killer-kabbage-original-motion-picture-soundtrackKiller Kabbage (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), the 5th full length album from Voyag3r is now available worldwide via all streaming services and on CD and Cassette from the bands Official Store!

This 18-track album is the film score to the upcoming sci-fi/comedy movie entitled Killer Kabbage, written and directed by Jude Reed and Michael A. Dotson. The album has plenty of hard rock guitar, swirling synths and Kabbage smashing drums. Film tagline: Two warriors, from the future, are tasked to go back in time to prevent the great Kabbage apocalypse from happening in order to save mankind.

Killer Kabbage (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) was produced by Steve Greene at the Battle Chamber Studio in Detroit, MI.

voyag3r-killer-kabbage-CD voyag3r-killer-kabbage-cassette

The CD features a full color image of one of the Kabbage heads from the film as well as a full color fold out and jacket. The Cassette is on a “Kabbage Head” green with full color j-card. Order your physical copies from the bands Official Store!


Killer Kabbage is also streaming on all music platforms. Here’s a list!

Apple Music
Amazon Music
YouTube Music

Or on our Audio page.

Killer Kabbage to premier at Motor City Nightmares in Novi, MI


We are excited to announce that we just got word that Killer Kabbage will get its world premier at the 2024 Motor City Nightmares Horror Convention and International Film Festival. The convention takes place July 26, 27 and 28th at the Sheraton Novi Detroit.


Some of the celebrity guests that have been announced include: Tyler Mayne, Ray Wise, Mekhi Phifer, Naomi Grossman, Brooke Smith and many more!

motor-city-nightmares-horror-con-Naomi-Grossman motor-city-nightmares-horror-con-Ray-Wise

The exact day and time of the Killer Kabbage screening is TBA.

Voyag3r will also be at the convention on Saturday and Sunday, meeting and signing merch as well as performing live in concert at the Saturday night afterparty.

Grab your tickets for Motor City Nightmares now at

Listen to the first single, March of the Kabbage Heads, from the Killer Kabbage soundtrack by Voyag3r on our Audio page!


V3 Cast Episode 35 now up! Favorite Films from 1994, Flesh of the Gods and Killer Kabbage news

V3 Cast Episode 35 now up! Where were you in 1994? Do you remember your favorite movies from that year? Hard to believe that was 30 years ago! We discuss our top picks and dive into some of our favorite moments in each film. What are some of your favorite?

Pre-Order the Voyag3r soundtrack to Killer Kabbage! Available on CD and Cassette. Ships July 19.


First single, March of the Kabbage Heads, now streaming: or our Audio page.

Killer Kabbage – Trailer (2024) –
Tagline: Two warriors, from the future, are tasked to go back in time to prevent the great Kabbage apocalypse from happening in order to save mankind.

Panos Cosmatos is working on a new film called Flesh of the Gods. Starring Kristen Stewart and Oscar Issac. Written by Andrew Kevin Walker (“Se7en,” “The Killer”) from a story he devised with Cosmatos.

Tagline: Married couple in 1980s LA leaves luxury life for nightly adventures with enigmatic Nameless and hedonistic group, entering surreal world of excess and violence.


Voyag3r Announce Killer Kabbage (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Release

voyag3r-killer-kabbage-original-motion-picture-soundtrackKiller Kabbage (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) gets a release date and first single now streaming worldwide on all major platforms!

March of the Kabbage Heads on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube or Tidal

New music from Voyag3r (pronounced Voyager 3) is now available via all streaming platforms! The single, March of the Kabbage Heads was released on Friday, July 5 and is a preview of the upcoming new Voyag3r full length album, the score to the sci-fi comedy film, Killer Kabbage.


The Pre-Order is Live for the CD and Cassette of Killer Kabbage via
The 18-track album was recorded, mixed and mastered at the Battle Chamber in Detroit by Steve Greene. The album artwork was done by Suspiria Vilchez who also did the art for the Voyag3r score for New York Ninja.

voyag3r-killer-kabbage-CDCompact Disc is Cardstock Sleeve

voyag3r-killer-kabbage-cassetteCassette (Kabbage Head Green) in Clear Case 

CD and Digital Track listing to Killer Kabbage (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
1. March of The Kabbage Heads
2. Origins of Kabbage
3. Smaller Barter Town / Titor’s Mission
4. Escape The Wasteland Marauders
5. Enter The Base / The Wormhole Device
6. Arrival to 2024
7. Garden of Eatin’
8. Security Footage / Meeting Cole S. Babbage
9. Wilson and Willyson
10. Discovery in the Science Lab
11. Catholic Clown College Massacre
12. Kabbage Heads Attack
13. Scooter Chase
14. Drinks and Conspiracies
15. Trail of Kabbage
16. Warehouse Fight
17. Giant Ass Kabbage / Worst of Both Worlds
18. Against The Killer Kabbage

You can also listen to more Voyag3r music on the Audio page!

Live in Concert

In celebration of the release of Killer Kabbage (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), Voyag3r will be appearing at Motor City Nightmares horror convention in Novi, MI at the Sheraton Novi/Detroit on Saturday and Sunday July 27 & 28. Voyag3r will be selling copies of Killer Kabbage and their other music and merch as well as performing live in concert at the events official Saturday night after party. More information at

Killer Kabbage Trailer Released

Killer Kabbage trailer released via their Official YouTube Channel. Tagline: Two warriors, from the future, are tasked to go back in time to prevent the great Kabbage apocalypse from happening in order to save mankind. Music composed by VOYAG3R. Written and directed by Jude Reed and Michael Dotson. First film festival appearance announced for Gen Con Film Festival on Saturday, August 3 at 10:30pm. Complete info here.

Soundtrack information coming soon to the Audio page.


V3 Cast Episode 34 now up! Heavy Metal bands or musicians that changed the game and elevated the genre.

In V3 Cast Episode 34: Heavy metal has had many incarnations as well as ups and downs. In this episode, we pick one of our favorite bands or musicians that elevated the genre, changed the game and contributed new and refreshing approaches to heavy metal.

What are your top picks that fit this definition? Let us know what you thought about V3 Cast episode 34.


Check out the video episode via the Official Voyag3r YourTube Channel or wherever you get your podcasts or listen to the audio here.

Killer Kabbage Selected for Gen Con Film Festival


Killer Kabbage selected for the 2024 Gen Con Film Festival! The film, scored by Voyag3r, plays on Saturday, August 3, 10:30pm. Grab your tickets here.


Filmmakers from around the world gather to compete in the Gen Con Film Festival. Some travel from as far away as Australia and the United Kingdom to the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis for screenings, film panels, and the awards ceremony. Films from across the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Israel, Japan, and Great Britain make it a truly international event.

The Gen Con Film Festival focuses on genres that appeal to our gaming attendees. These include, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Horror, Animation, Gaming, related parodies and documentaries. Killer Kabbage Selected for Gen Con Film Festival 2024!

killer-kabbage-screen-shot-2 killer-kabbage-screen-shot-3 killer-kabbage-screen-shot-4 killer-kabbage-screen-shot-1

Killer Kabbage tagline: Two warriors, from the future, are tasked to go back in time to prevent the great Kabbage apocalypse from happening in order to save mankind.

Director Biography – Michael Anthony Dotson, Jude Reed

Born and raised in Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan, Michael grew up in the 80s with very little parental supervision which led to his love for cult movies that were often shown on USA: UP ALL NIGHT. With very little to do in the small town of the Sault, Michael found hobbies such as creative story writing, paranormal investigating, and very early stages of filmmaking with his mini DV camcorder. Michael began video editing after obtaining his first summer job in 1998 and saving up all summer for his very first computer. He completed his very first short film, “Killer Kabbage” in 2011. In 2016, he completed another short titled “Ghost Detectives”, a comedy parody of ghost hunting reality shows. He released his first documentary in 2021 titled “A Haunting in Hinsdale” after documenting his paranormal investigation at the historic Hinsdale House in New York. Finally, Michael began production on his first feature-length film: a re-imaging of his first short film, “Killer Kabbage” in 2022.

From the Killer Kabbage camp, on the score: Voyag3r completed a badass score that helped drive this picture from the dreaded post-production phase right into completion. I’ve always told my peers, music can either make or break a movie. And it their excellent music that definitely helps make this movie.

Music for Killer Kabbage will be revealed soon. Keep a look out on the Audio page!

Movie Theater Massacre plays at San Diego’s International Mobile Film Festival (IMFF)

Movie Theater Massacre by Ian Courtney with the Apple iPhone 12 Pro. Ian filled every position from writer and producer, to director and cinematographer and finally bringing all the elements together through editing, visual effects and color correction. Ian will be flying in from Detroit, Michigan to present the film and participate in a Q&A.


Voyag3r scored the finale scene for Movie Theater Massacre. Don’t miss your chance to catch this Detroit made film! Get your tickets here.


Illuminating Smartphone Filmmakers in San Diego

Big films aren’t always made with big cameras and large crews!

Something big began right here in San Diego. This year we’re shining a spotlight on some incredible people of all ages who are making movies with smartphone cameras. All brands!

Stories from around the world told through different genres, all shot with mobile phones, are visiting San Diego April 26-28. You have a chance to watch them and meet the filmmakers.

Horror, documentaries, drama, comedy, experimental, music, and more. There is no limit to the types of films one can make with a smartphone. We’re celebrating the humans behind them in San Diego’s International Mobile Film Festival (IMFF).

IMFF is the first international in-person film festival for only movies shot with mobile phone cameras, no other mobile devices. The only exception is a fraction of aerial drone footage, announced in 2018.

V3 Cast Episode 33 Now Up!

The guys in Voyag3r return with V3 Cast, Episode 33! In this podcast, Voyag3r talk about Collecting Cool Stuff! What are some of your most prized collectables? The guys share some  of their favorites as well as recap their recent concert opening for Zombi.


Check out the video episode via the Official Voyag3r YourTube Channel or wherever you get your podcasts.


Voyag3r set to Support Zombi

Synth Progressive Rock Masters, Zombi, have a new record coming out on March 22, entitled Direct Inject via Relapse Records! In conjunction with that release, Zombi are embarking on a northeast tour of the US this spring. Voyag3r set to support Zombi on the Detroit date on Saturday, April 6 at The Sanctuary Detroit (located in Hamtramck, MI). Tickets are on sale now at the Sanctuary Detroit website.


Here is the information about Direct Inject

ZOMBI make their long awaited return with their new album, Direct Inject! Capturing the spirit of previous albums like Escape Velocity and Surface To Air, while expanding the band’s sonic palette into territory, ranging from 80’s synth rock (“Direct Inject”) to saxophone-heavy slow jams (“Sessuale II”). Direct Inject is essential ZOMBI, and quite possibly their most diverse and engaging record yet. You can’t help but get carried up in the slipstream of tracks like “Bodies in the Flotsam”, the hard rock/synth strut of “Kamichi & Sandy”, the guttural dirge of “The Post-Atomic Horror”, or the heady sonic touches of “Insurmountable Odds”.

The spirit of improvisation permeates ZOMBI’s newest opus, opening a door into the compositional world Steve Moore and A.E. Paterra exist within and have existed in since the beginning. Direct Inject is ZOMBI in their finest form; taking improvisations and mining them for gold.


The energy behind Direct Inject is palpable; as Steve Moore sums up the band’s ethos perfectly: “I love what can happen when you roll tape and just go for it.”


On Direct Inject, ZOMBI indeed go for it.

Zombi band

Grab your tickets for the show and here is the information about this particular date:

Sanctuary Detroit
2932 Caniff, Hamtramck, MI 48212 • 313-462-4117
Doors are at 7pm • All Ages • Tickets

Order Direct Inject via Relapse Records
Voyag3r music via our Audio Page

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